Essay on A Visit to Zoo

[Hints: Introduction; First impression; Details of the animals; the Educative value of the visit; Conclusion.] Introduction: One day last December I went to pay season visit to the zoo at Mirpur. There is a big signboard at the entrance bearing the name of the zoo. First impression: I reached the place and looked about. I […] Read more

Paragraph on A Zoo That I Visited

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words) Have you ever visited a zoo? What was your first impression? Give a pen-picture of the animals you visited. What is the educative value of the visit? Answer: I have got an opportunity to visit the Mirpur Zoo which is the biggest zoo […] Read more

Composition on My Visit to A Zoo

Question: Write a short composition on ‘Tour Visit to a Zoo”.  Answer: A visit to an important place is always helpful to gain knowledge. Similarly, a visit to a zoo is also helpful for enriching our knowledge of zoology. A zoo is related to zoological science or animal world. Thus we can learn a lot […] Read more

Short Composition on My Visit to A Zoo

Introduction: the visiting of a zoo is very interesting and pleasant to the people of all ages and classes. Occasion: I have the experience of visiting the zoo at Mirpur. It was the time to winter vacation. We, five friends, visited the zoo with great zeal and enthusiasm. Description: first we saw a number of monkeys […] Read more