Short Composition on Winter in Bangladesh

Question: Write a composition on “Winter in Bangladesh“. Answer: The winter is one of the six seasons in Bangladesh. It is the season of mists, fogs and chills. The Bengali months of Poush and Magh comprise this season. Nature looks Continue Reading »

Short Composition on Fruits of Bangladesh

Question: Write a short composition on “Fruits of Bangladesh“. Answer: Bangladesh is a land of fruits. Various kinds of fruits are grown in Bangladesh. The sizes, shapes and colours of those fruits are also different. Some are fleshy, some are Continue Reading »

The Rivers of Bangladesh

Question: Write a short composition on ‘The Rivers of Bangladesh“. Answer: Rivers are one of the Ethicist useful and wonderful gifts of nature. And Bangladesh has been adorned generously with a great number of rivers. From time immemorial, these rivers, Continue Reading »

Composition on Freedom of the Press

Question:¬†Write a short composition about “Freedom of the Press.” Answer: Freedom of the press means the freedom for publication of news in the newspapers and journals. When the reporters, journalists, editors, correspondents of a newspaper can publish their news Continue Reading »

Composition on Tree Plantation in Bangladesh

Question: Write a short composition about “Tree Plantation in Bangladesh” or “Afforestation in Bangladesh.” Answer: Trees are our best friends. Trees give us food and shelter. Forests play a vital role in our economic development. Forests exert much influence upon Continue Reading »

Composition on Industrialization in Bangladesh

Question: Write a composition on “Industrialization in Bangladesh.” Answer: Bangladesh as an underdeveloped country is industrially backward. There are many reasons behind the backwardness. Among them, lack of positive and favourable industrial policy, small savings, want of capital, lack of Continue Reading »