Paragraph on Travelling

Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Travelling by answering the following questions. How is traveling useful? What do many of us want to do? What can we see when we go on traveling? What can we get by traveling? Answer: Travelling is a part of education. By traveling we can be familiar with the home and abroad. […] Read more

Essay on Journey by A Night Coach

[Hints: Occasion the night coach availed; Description of the journey; Troubles if any; Conclusion.] Occasion: I had a journey by a night coach a few days ago. It was in connection with the marriage ceremony of a relation of mine. The house of the bride is at Rajshahi. I with a few friends of mine […] Read more

Essay on Travelling Or, Travelling and Its Educative Value

[Hints: Introduction; Travelling in the past; Travelling at present, Educative value; For refreshment; It helps direct contact with the human world; Conclusion] Introduction: Man moves from place to place for his necessities. He cannot stay long in one place. He makes long and short journeys. Generally, he wants to know the unknown and see the […] Read more

Essay on A Journey by Train

[Hints: Introduction; Occasion; Preparation; Starting; The journey; Reaching the destination; Experience of the journey; Bad side of the journey; Conclusion] Introduction: Science has given us many quick means of travel to save our time and toil. The train is such a gift of science. In the progress of the modern communication system. The importance of […] Read more

Paragraph on Experience of Train Journey Or, A Journey by Train

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words) Did you ever undertake a journey by train? When did you make the journey? What was the occasion? How much did you enjoy it? Describe the journey. How do you feel now when you remember it? Answer: I had a journey by train […] Read more

Essay on A Journey by Bus

[Hints: Introduction, Time and Occasion, Description of the Journey, How the Journey has Impressed You, Conclusion] Introduction: Modern means of transport such as buses, trains, launches, and airplanes have made it easy to move from one place to another. In the city, I very often avail myself of traveling locally in buses. But having a […] Read more