Story on the Cock Befools the Jackal

There lived a jackal in the jungle near a rich man’s house. The rich man had a number of pet birds like cock, hen, duck, etc. The jackal saw a big and healthy cock and wanted to have a feast of it. He was looking for an opportunity to prey the cock. One day jackal … Read more

Story on the Value of Truthfulness

There was a thief in Saudi Arabia. He used to steal every night. People could not sleep in peace in fear of the thief. The people grew so much annoyed that they told this to Prophet Mohammad (sm). Hazrat Mohammad (sm) sent for him. He asked the thief to give up the habit of stealing. … Read more

Story on The Ungrateful Snake

It was bitter cold. A farmer was passing by a bush. He saw a snake almost dead in cold. The farmer felt pity for the snake and brought it home. He lit a fire and warmed the snake up. He gave a cup of milk to the snake to drink. The snake became alright. The … Read more

Story on A Dutiful Station Master

Nipoon was going to Rajshahi from Dhaka by the Padma Express. On the way, the train stopped at Gafargaon first and then at Mymensingh and Jagannathganj. He had to leave the train to cross the river by a railway ferry and board another train on the other side. Unfortunately, he lost his bag on the … Read more