The Flowers of Bangladesh

[Hints: Introduction, Where and when grown, Kinds, The rose, The lotus, The sunflower, The hasnahana, Marigold, Usefulness, Conclusion.] Introduction: The flower is a beautiful creation of the creator. It charms us and pleases our mind. It beautifies the nature and its surroundings. So, everybody loves flowers. Where and when grown: Flowers grow abundantly in the […] Read more

Short Composition on Paper

[Hines: Introduction- How made- History- Kinds and sizes of paper- paper mills- Usefulness] Introduction: Paper is a thing on which we write. It is one of the most essential things of modern civilization. We cannot do without it even for a day. How made: Paper is made of rags, grass, straws, bamboos, jute, wood and other […] Read more

The Importance of Reading Newspapers

Question: Write a composition expressing your opinion about “The Importance of Reading Newspapers.” Answer: Newspaper is called the storehouse of knowledge. We can enrich our knowledge by reading a newspaper. A newspaper helps to circulate the news and views of the govt as well as the people of a country. It helps to develop our knowledge of sports, […] Read more

Composition on My Favorite Teacher

Question: Write a short composition about, “My Favorite Teacher.” Answer: A good teacher is an important man of the society and the country. He is a potential nation-builder. In fact, teachers are the guardians of civilization. They stand next to parents. An ideal teacher is a teacher who dedicates his life to the welfare of […] Read more

Composition on My Favorite Poet

Question: Write a short composition on “Your Favorite Poet.” Answer: Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam is my favourite Poet. He was born in 1899 on the 11th Jaistha in the village Churulia of Bardwan in West Bengal. At his early age, he lost his father. After the death of his father, he had to face hardship. […] Read more

Short Composition on My Daily Life or, My Daily Routine

Question: Write a short composition about “Your Daily Life or, Your Daily Routine“. Answer: Human life is short. But in this short span of time man needs to do so many things. If we want to make our life means we must maintain a routine in our life. I am a student and I have […] Read more