Paragraph on A College Magazine

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words) What do you know about a college magazine? Why do you like it? What do the students do with it? Mention the teacher’s role in it. Describe the kinds of writings in it. Answer: A college magazine is an annual or periodical publication […] Read More

Composition on The School Magazine

[Hints: Introduction, how it is ‘published, Its contains, Conclusion] Introduction: The School Magazine is a periodical published once or twice a year. It aims at encouraging the literary and cultural activities of the students. Row it is published: The publication of a school magazine is a hard task. At first, it is eventual to form […] Read More

Short Essay on The School Magazine

Generally, a magazine is a type of large think book with a paper cover that one can buy every week or month containing articles, photographs etc. It can be published by any institution or news agency. In this way, when a particular school publishes a magazine it is called a school magazine. Every renowned school […] Read More

Essay On the College Magazine

Almost every college has its magazine. It serves to focus attention on the corporate life of the college and to provide students with a medium for self-expression. It is a necessary aid to the fostering of an extra-academic life in the college. There is also another reason. It is being realized more and more these […] Read More

Short Composition on A School Magazine

Introduction: A school magazine is a periodical publication of the literary works of the teachers and the students. It is written, edited and published by the students with the help of the teachers. Our magazine goes by the name of ‘probate’. How published: a committee is formed to publish the magazine. It consists of teachers […] Read More

Paragraph on A School Magazine

A school magazine is an annual publication of a school. It contains the literary writings of the students and the teachers. It is a forum through which our young learners can get the opportunity to express the green ideas of their mind. It is published every year with an interesting and significant title almost all aspects […] Read More