Dialogue Between Two Friends on Giving Consolation to A Friend

Question: Suppose your friend Samir could not do well in the test examination and he has become very upset. Now write a dialogue giving him consolation. Answer: A dialogue between two friends on giving consolation to a friend: Myself: Hello, Samir, how are you? Why are you looking so sad? Samir: Oh, Faruq, I am […] Read more

Dialogue Between Two Friends About the Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Question: Write a dialogue about the unemployment problem in Bangladesh. Answer: A dialogue about the unemployment problem in Bangladesh: Dilu: Hello, Bhulu, what are you doing? Bhulu: I am reading an important article published in “The Bangladesh Times” on “Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh.” Dilu: This is a very vital issue now. But our political leaders […] Read more

Dialogue Between Myself and My Friend Who Has Enjoyed A Picnic Recently

Question: Write a dialogue between you and your friend Jamal who has enjoyed a picnic recently. Answer: A dialogue between myself and my friend Jamal who has ‘enjoyed a picnic recently: Myself: Hello, Jamal, how did you enjoy the picnic at Sonargaon last week? Jamal: It is an exciting experience for me. Myself: I have […] Read more