Cover Letter for The Post of Assistant Manager

Question: Suppose, you are Arif Hossain. You have seen a job opportunity in ACME Company Ltd. The company has asked to apply through email at the address: [email protected] Now, apply for the post with a CV through the mentioned e-mail address. Answer: To: [email protected] Cc: Bcc: Subject: Application for the post of Assistant Manager Manager … Read more

Application for Setting Up a Canteen in College Campus

Question: Suppose there is no canteen in your college. The students have to stay for a long time in college. So they need a tiffin. Now, write an application to your principle for steering up a canteen in your college Campus. Answer: 20 February 2018 The principal Dinajpur Govt. College Dinajpur. Subject: Prayer for setting up a … Read more

Application to The Headmaster for Hanging Some Electric Fans in The Classroom

Question: Suppose the students of your school suffer much from excessive heat. Now write an application to the headmaster for hanging some electric fans in the classroom. Answer: The Headmaster, Ghior D.N Pilot High School, Ghior, Manikgonj Subject: Prayer for hanging some electric fans in the classroom. Sir, We, the students of your school, beg … Read more

Application for Permission to Go on A Study Tour/Excursion

Question: Your summer vacation starts on 30th May. Your class want to go on an excursion to Cox’s Bazar. You need some monetary help from your headmaster/headmistress. Now write an application to your headmaster/headmistress for some money for the excursion. 20 Answer: December 2001 The Headmaster, Jaigirmohal High School, Koyra Subject: Prayer for permission to … Read more

Application for Immediate Arrangement for Vaccination in Your Locality

Question: Suppose smallpox has broken out in your locality in an epidemic form. Write an application to the Chairman of your Municipality for an immediate arrangement for vaccination in your locality. Answer: 24 February 2012 The Chairman, Chittagong Municipality, Chittagong. Subject: Prayer for vaccination. Sir, with due respect, we beg to inform you that smallpox … Read more

Application for Leave of Absence for A Week

Question: Neela needs leave of absence from school to go to Singapore. She wrote a letter of application to the headmistress of her school asking for leave. Answer: 4 January 2018 The Headmistress, Pirbaree Girls High School, Boropara, Manikgonj. Subject: Leave of absence for a week. Dear Madam, This is to inform you that I’m … Read more