Story on Nobody Believes A Liar

Once there was a cowboy. He was very wicked. He used to befool others by telling lies with people. He often cried out, “Wolf! ‘Wolf!” The kind-hearted villagers heard his cry and rushed to the spot with sticks to save the cowboy. But when they came near, they found no wolf and the cowboy laughed at them. After a few days, the boy made the same fun. The villagers again ran to the field. But they found no wolf and the boy laughed at them. The villagers became very angry and advised the boy not to make this kind of fun. But one day a wolf really came. It started to kill the cows one by one. The cowboy was frightened. He shouted and shouted, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” But none came. The villagers heard him but thought that the boy was again making fun of them. The wolf killed a number of his cows and then killed the cowboy. So, we should never make fun by telling lies.

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