Story on Honesty Is the Best Policy

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer who was poor but honest. One day he was walking through his field. Suddenly he found a purse of gold. He thought and opened the purse and found that it was full of gold. The farmer was surprised and without thinking anything he carried the bag at his home. The farmer showed it to his Wife and told her that he had found the purse of gold dropped by a passer-by. The wife was very greedy. She happily said that they were going to be rich if they kept the bag of gold. But the honest farmer told his wife that honesty is the best policy and that he would first try to find out the owner of the purse. The farmer opened the purse again and looked for the identity of the bag. He found a card and got the address of the owner of the purse. He returned the bag to its owner and the owner gave him thanks but no reward. The wife was very -sorry and rebuked the farmer for his foolishness. But the farmer knew that he would surely be rewarded by God for his honesty.

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