Short Paragraph on Necessity of Learning English


  1. What type of language is English?
  2. How is it related to job facilities?
  3. How much is it important of serving abroad?
  4. What is the special feature of English?
  5. What is your attitude about learning English?

Answer: the necessity of learning English can never be overstated. It is an international language. We feel the necessity of learning English at every step of our life. English is badly needed for communicating with the people of the English speaking world. Most of the job facilities largely depend on the knowledge of English. We cannot expect to get the job of a pilot, a tourist guide, a telephone operator, a postman and many good jobs without having good knowledge of English. It is also very essential for serving is the foreign countries. A foreign office cannot function without English knowing persons. Moreover, English Is a rich language. Most of the books of modern science and literature are written in English. We should, therefore, try our level best to acquire sufficient knowledge of English for both personal and national interests.




The Necessity of Learning English

Write a Paragraph about ‘The Necessity of Learning English’ by answering the following Questions.

  1. What is English?
  2. How can we get a higher education?
  3. How can we communicate with the people of other countries?
  4. What is essential for getting a job?
  5. What should we learn?

Answer: We know English is an international language. The English language is necessary all over the world. It is important in all sector of our daily life. We can enter the store-house of knowledge. By knowing English, we can get a higher education. We know that the higher-level books are written in English. People have to communicate with the other countries through English. English is essential to get a good job. Everybody should learn English very well.

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