Short Paragraph on Exam Tips (Exam Strategies)


  • On what does the result of a result of a student depend?
  • What should he do before going into the exam hall?
  • How should he use his time?
  • What should he do after getting the question paper in hand?
  • What should he do underline and why?
  • What should he do before submitting the answer scripts?

Answer: Exam-strategies work as a great determining factor for a student to win in the battle of examinations. It brings about 50% of his chances of success besides his subject knowledge. He must follow the following exam-tips for the purpose: a) to check and double check exam. Dates and times; b) to make the thinks be carried in the exam hall ready the day before; c) to make a budget of time and use it properly. It is not wise to waste time elaborating adequate answers. D) to make attempts to answer all the questions asked; e) to read through the whole question paper before starting to write; f) to spend at least five minutes per question thinking about planning the answer; g) to underline the keywords in the question paper to concentrate thinking; h) to keep hand-writing unchanged all through the examination; I) to make time for revising answers.

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