Short Paragraph on A Railway Station


  1. What is a railway station?
  2. How do the passengers collect their tickets?
  3. What sorts of things are available in a railway station?
  4. What makes the railway station a place of din and bustle?
  5. What role does a railway station play in our life?

Answer: a railway station is a part and parcel of the train communication system of a country. It is a place for the trains to stop and start from. It has a platform for the passengers to get down and get into the train. Passengers are found standing in a long line to buy tickets. There are station master’s office, booking office, ticket counter and waiting room for the passengers in a railway station. There are also restaurants, book stalls and stationary shops in a railway station. It is a very busy and crowded place. The whistle of the train, the rattling sound of the engines, the busy movements of the hawkers and the porters all make the station a place of great din and bustle. A railway station is a very important and essential place for the people at large.




Railway Station


  1. What is a railway station?
  2. What do passengers do here?
  3. How is the building of a railway station made?
  4. What can one see a station from a distance?
  5. How many rooms are there in a railway station?
  6. How many signals are there in the station?
  7. What are the functions of a points man?
  8. How do the passengers get on the train?
  9. How does the station look when a train arrives and when it leaves the station?

Answer: A railway station is part and parcel of train communication of a country. It is a place where trains stop and start from. There is a platform here. Passengers get down and get into a train from a railway station. The buildings of a station are generally made of red bricks. One can see from a distance the green, red and blue signal and painted houses of a station. There are waiting rooms for male and female passengers. There is ticket counter, the booking office for goods, restaurants, book stall and station master’s room etc. There are two or more railway tracks in every station. There are two signals-one inner and the other outer. Before the arrival of a train, the pointsman gets them down. The pointsman moves with his red and green flags. There are stands for rickshaws, auto-rickshaws and other vehicles in a railway station. Before the arrival of a train, passengers stand in a line to buy their tickets. When a train arrives, the station becomes busy and noisy. When a train leaves the station, it again becomes calm and quiet.




A Railway Station

Question: Write a paragraph about ‘A Railway station‘. In your paragraph, describe the atmosphere of a railway station, the movement of sellers and buyers, hawkers and porters etc.

Answer: A railways station is very crowdy. It plays an important: role in the road transport system of Bangladesh. In a railway station, the passengers stand in queues to collect their tickets in front of the ticket counters. The station is always crowded with passengers, hawkers and the porters. There are stalls of peddlers, booksellers and waiting rooms in large stations. Vergers shout their trade cries. Who has not heard the trade cry `Cha-gram’ or ‘Thanda Pani’ in the railway station? When a train reaches the station, the passengers hurry to get off the train. At the same time, passengers waiting for the train want to get into the train. As a result, a collision of two groups of passengers takes place. The whistling sound of the departing train creates a sense of vacuum in the minds of passengers.

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