Paragraph on Your Experience of a Terrible Accident


  • When did the accident take place?
  • How it occurs where did you take treatment?
  • How was my mother?
  • How did your parents feel?

Answer: It was a Sunday afternoon. I was returning home with my mother by rickshaw. When the rickshaw was near road no. 15 at Dhanmondi, a loud noise startled me. I saw a speeding minibus ran into the road divider and hit the street Light post. The post was snapped into two and the top half fell upon the hood of our rickshaw. A large part of it landed or my things. I fell down and did not know what append next. Later I was told that my mother was also wounded, but not seriously. Then some kind people took us to a nearby clinic. There I had to be admitted. When I regained my sense, I discovered myself on a bed in the clinic. I turned traumatic and burst out crying. My parents hugged me and comforted me. I tried to’move my feet, but I could not. I felt them as heavy as iron. I touched them and saw that they were heavily plastered. I learned that both my things suffered multiple fractures. When the wound healed, I returned home. But the sad an cruel memories still haunt me.

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