Paragraph on Travelling

Question: Write a paragraph on ‘Travelling by answering the following questions.

  1. How is traveling useful?
  2. What do many of us want to do?
  3. What can we see when we go on traveling?
  4. What can we get by traveling?

Answer: Travelling is a part of education. By traveling we can be familiar with the home and abroad. Many of us want to travel to exciting places and meet our new friends. Some travelings are expensive while some are cheap. Leaving our place when we go on traveling, we can see the golden apples growing. There below another sky parrot islands anchored lie. There are eastern cities with mosque and minaret among the sandy garden set. And the rich goods from far and near are gathered for sale in the bazaar. Some silent cities stand on the desert islands. There are no street or house nor a sound of child or mouse. The ugly crocodile lies in the Nile and the red flamingo flies hunting fish under blue skies. In the jungle man-devouring, tigers are very alert because of the hunter. Thus, we can gather vast knowledge by traveling.

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