Paragraph on The National Flag of Bangladesh


  1. What is the national flag?
  2. What does the national flag symbolize?
  3. What is the size of our national flag?
  4. What does the sun-globe signify?
  5. What memory does the blood red color bear?
  6. How do we look at our national flag?
  7. How can we uphold its honor?

Answer: The national flag is a symbol of freedom and sovereignty for a nation. We have the national flag of our own. The size of our national flag is 10:6. it is made of clothes in green and red color. It is rectangular in size with the sun globe in the center. It conveys a deep meaning. Its bottle green color stands for freshness, vigor, and vitality. Its sun-globe signifies everlasting determination of our newborn nation. Last, of all, the blood-red color of the sun-globe shows the memorial of the supreme sacrifices made by our valiant people in the liberation war. It is, as it were, the spirit of the revolution itself. Our national flag is dearer to us than any other thing on earth. We look upon it with great respect and honor. We must uphold the honor and dignity of our national flag even at the cost of our lives.

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