Paragraph on Our Neighbor


  • Who are neighbors?
  • How is your neighbor?
  • Why is it necessary to keep cooperation with them?
  • How do they help us?
  • How do they behave with others what are the roles of your neighbor in society?

Answer: Those men who live side by side in a locality are neighbors. Neighbors may be good or bad. It is a matter of a good luck that my neighbors are very good. They are doctors, engineers, lawyers, and businessman. As a social being, we have to maintain good relationships with our neighbors. We are all very social and kind-hearted here. When I am in danger, my neighbors stand by my side. Some of my neighbors are rich and some are poor. As my neighbors are of different professions, so their financial conditions are not the same. We try to co-operate with one another. When there is a problem in one family, everybody comes to solve it. We live here as if we belong to the same family. During the Eid and other festivals, we go to our neighbor’s house and they come to ours. Of course, some families are very conservative. They do not allow their children free mixing. Without these some families, we think that it is our bounden duty to keep good terms with our neighbors.

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