Paragraph on My Neighbors


  1. What do you mean by neighbors?
  2. Why are neighbors essential?
  3. How are your neighbors?
  4. Who is your next door neighbor?
  5. What are the main traits of him?
  6. What type of life does he lead?

Answer: Neighbors are those persons who live adjacent to us. Man is a social being: He cannot live alone in society. So he has to live with other neighbors in a particular place. I live in a city. I have many neighbors. All of them are very co-operative and helpful. They are also well-behaved. My next door neighbor is Mr. Rahman. He leads a very simple life. He does not nourish high ambition because he knows that high ambition drives a man mad. He cannot enjoy a moment’s peace. He cannot enjoy a sound sleep. He runs after earthly things which keep him always busy. So my neighbor has no high ambition. He is free from all cares and anxieties. He is content with what he has. He does not want more. He is not competitive at all. Therefore, he enjoys a peace and happiness in life.


My Neighbors

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Who are called neighbors?
  2. Who are your good neighbors?
  3. What do you do for your neighbors?
  4. What do your neighbors do for you?
  5. Why are good neighbors necessary for your life?

Answer: Those who live around us are called neighbors. Good neighbors are good people with the humility of a great heart. They are free, frank, pure and simple and above all, broad-minded. Good neighbors being selfless and cooperative are necessary for our lives as they stand by us in our weal and woe. I have got different sorts of neighbors. Some are honest and some of them are dishonest. Some neighbors are co-operative while others are self-centered. Co-operative neighbors stand beside our family whenever we are in any problem. But some neighbors hardly react to our activities. One of our neighbors living above our flat is always disturbing us. Most of the time they make unnecessary sounds. In order to maintain good relation, we never protest their activities. But the neighbor living next to our flat is very much considerate and reasonable. They co-operate with us in every respect. We are fortunate enough to have a good soul like our next-door neighbor whom we can rely on in our need.

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