Paragraph on Importance of Tree Plantation


  1. How is our existence related to the tree?
  2. What do trees give us?
  3. How do trees help agriculture?
  4. Where can we plant trees?
  5. What should we do to make tree plantation campaign a success?

Answer: Tree plantation campaign is the crying need of the day. Trees are a great boon to us from good. They are our best friends. We cannot think of our existence on the earth without their existence. Our beloved poet Tagore claimed, ‘take your town and back me my forest.’ The Tres help us in many ways. Trees save our life by providing oxygen. They give us fruits, shelter, and timber. They cause rainfall and help agriculture. They save us from floods and prevent soil erosion. They also prevent air pollution and greenhouse effect and thereby maintain country’s ecological balance. There are many places for planting trees. We can plant trees on the sides of roads, sea beaches and on low-lying unused lands. Merely the slogans and lip-services will not be enough for the purpose. We should work on hand and hand with government to plant more and more trees and make our homeland a dreamland smiling with trees and the tres.

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