Paragraph on How to Make A Garden

HQuestion: Your younger brother does not know how to do gardening. Write a paragraph telling how to do it. You may use the following keywords to write your paragraph.

First, then, next, after that, finally

Answer: MY younger brother Raju reads in class nine. He does not know how to do gardening. I give him the idea how he can do it practically. First, a small piece of land is chosen. The land should be very close to the dwelling-house. The land is loosening with a spade. When the land is loosening, the weeds are removed. Then the soil is manured well and kept exposed. The soil is given small particle form and is leveled by a leveler. As a result, the soil of the garden is ready to sow seeds or plantation. Next, the garden is fenced so well so that cows, goats, hen, and even the wicked children cannot do any harm to it. Then possible flowerbeds are made per choice. Some seasonal flowers can be grown all the year round. However, that seeds are sown. Thus, the gardening is completed. After that, the garden is weeded out and the plants are taken care of. The garden is also watered frequently. Finally, the flower fills the heart of the gardener with joy.

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