Paragraph on How to Arrange A Birthday Party

Question: Your sister’s birthday is on May 5. Write a paragraph advising her how she would arrange her birthday party. You may use the following keywords:

First, guests, then, menu, next, invite, alter that, decorate, attractive dress, finally

Answer: Birthday comes one a year. My younger sister’s birthday is on May 5. I advised her to arrange her birthday party in the following way. First, she should make a list of her friends and relatives. The number of guests must not exceed the capacity of her drawing room. Then she should make it menu in the consolation of her parents. Next, she must invite her friends personally. She has to order the birthday cake and make sure that it reaches, earlier than the scheduled time. After that, she will decorate the drawing room with festoons of different colors. The drawing room should be neat and clean. She will put on a new and attractive dress. When the guests start coming to the food items including the cake should be placed on a ‘table in the middle of the room. Finally, she will cut the birthday cake and the guests will say ‘Happy birthday to you.’ Her friends will dance and sing. Someone’s camera will go on clicking.

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