Paragraph on Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is fatal to health. Yet drug addicts cannot free themselves from the clutches of drugs without professional help and family support. Drug addiction means the regular intake of drugs by smoking, inhaling or by injections. At first, people take drugs out of frustration or to prove themselves smart. However, in their innocence, they actually jump into a terrible abyss. Drug addicts suffer intense pain and damage to the brain and other internal organs. Eventually, they die, if they remain untreated. Drug addiction can be controlled and even stopped by using the media to raise awareness about the terrible effects of drug addiction. Guardians should keep a watch over the lifestyle of their children. Drug peddlers should be arrested and given an exemplary punishment. Drug addicts should be identified and given proper treatment. More rehabilitation centers should be set up to help them. It should be remembered that addicts under the influence of drugs can do terrible things. They are responsible for anti-social activities. Thus it is seen that drugs which are taken out of frustration lead to complete hopelessness and even death. So steps must be taken to wipe out drug addiction from society for a better tomorrow.


Drug Addiction

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. What is meant by drug addiction?
  2. Why are people affected with it?
  3. What are the after-effects of it?
  4. What types of diseases are caused by it?
  5. How can you guard yourself against such a bad habit?

Answer: Taking an excess of the drug for no physical disease to get rid of frustration is called drug addiction. People get addicted to the drug for a great variety of reasons. Frustration tops the list. Unemployment, political anarchy. lack of family ties, lack of love and affection etc. give rise to frustration. The after effects of drug addiction are terrible. When the drug addicts are unable to afford to buy drugs, they commit social crimes like hijacking, stealing, robbery, etc. Drugs tell upon the human body terribly. They kill slowly but surely. Drug addicts feel drowsy, lose their appetite and remain in sleep. Their brains are damaged to meet death. I can guard myself, against such a bad habit by obeying the rules of religion and health and by avoiding the bad company.

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