Paragraph on Dowry System

Question: Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph. (100 words)

  1. Do you know what is dowry?
  2. Do you feel that dowry system is a curse to the society? How is it so?
  3. What should the young people do to wipe out the dowry system?
  4. How can you help the anti-dowry campaign?

Answer: Dowry is a social curse. It can be an amount of money or property that a wife or her family is forced to pay to her husband when they get married. It was the social custom in the ancient time. But at present dowry is the social curse for our society. In this subcontinent more or less every family faces this snake. A poor family having a maiden or spinster faces a great problem due to dowry. They cannot arrange a marriage ceremony of their daughter due to the demand of dowry by the father or relatives of the bridegroom. If the parents of the bride cannot pay as per demand, the wife is kicked out from her husband’s house by the relatives. Our young generation should be made conscious of this curse and try to wipe out such a stupid system. We can do postering, canvassing and make advertisement against this dowry system. By developing the mentality of our citizens, we can get rid of this system.

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