Paragraph on Christmas


  • What is the most important religious festival of the Christian?
  • What is the date of this festival?
  • When was Jesus Christ born?
  • How was the system of giving presentations to one another invented?
  • What do the Christians do on the eve of the Christmas?
  • What do the Christians do going to the church?

Answer: Like the people of all other religions, the Christians have also a religious festival. It is the Christmas festival. The date of the festival is 25 December. On this day Jesus Christ was born in a manager at Bethlehem in Palestine. Three wise men from the East came to know the birth of Jesus Christ. They took valuable presents with them to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ. They invented the art of giving and receiving Christmas presents. Since then the day is observed throughout the world. The Christians give present to one another on the occasion of the Christmas festival. On the eve of Christmas, a Christian house remains very busy in preparing various kinds of food items. The houses are decorated nicely. Everybody looks very cheerful and gay. Before going to the church for singing the carols the gift boxes are opened. The children are very excited and demand gifts. The Christmas is an occasion of joy for the Christians.

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