Paragraph on An Accident I Witnessed

Question: Suppose recently you witnessed a serious road accident which caused the death of a young boy. Now write a paragraph on an accident you witnessed by answering the following questions:

  1. Where did the accident occur?
  2. What did you do then?
  3. What did the people do?
  4. What was the result of the accident?

Answer: The last Friday I witnessed a serious road accident at Asad-gate. It happened just before my eyes. I. along with my friend Kibria was going to the New Market. A young boy was crossing the road. A truck was running at a full speed to the boy. Perhaps the boy was unmindful of the truck’s approach. Suddenly the truck ran over the boy. People reached the place with a hue and cry. I quickly reached the spot and found the boy totally senseless. His whole body was blood-stained. I found that his left leg was broken down. It was a terrible scene. We took him to the Bangladesh Medical College, Dhanmondi. But the attending doctor declared him dead. I got a great shock at this news. It felt an indelible impression on me. I cannot forget this.

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