Paragraph on A Fountain Pen


  • What is a fountain pen?
  • How does it work?
  • What has almost taken its place?
  • Why do fewer people use fountain pens now a day?
  • Have you a fountain pen if your answer is yes, what is its name?

Answer: Pen is the most useful thing for all classes of people to write with everything. A fountain pen has a container (called barrel) that gives a continuous supply of ink while it is not empty. It consists of two parts: the barrel and the cap. One end of the barrel is fitted with a nib with the help of a small part called stone. The cap protects the nib when the pen is not being used. It is provided with a clip, which helps the pen to be carried in the pocket. When the pen is with the nib downwards, the ink in the container flowers to the tip of the nib and the user can write smoothly. However, ballpoint pens have almost driven out fountain pens. The reason is that ballpoint pens have not to be frequently refilled with ink. Some time ago, ballpoint pen with changeable refills where common. Now one-time ballpoint pens are common. However, I have still a fountain pen. It is a parker pen. I use it more frequently than a ballpoint pen.

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