Paragraph on A Fisherman /Life of a Fisherman

Question: Write a paragraph on ‘A Fisherman‘ In your paragraph describing the location of his living, fishing equipment, fishing in a stormy night, anxieties of his family, the nature of his livelihood and its importance.

Answer: Fishing is a hard occupation. The man who earns his living by catching and selling fish is a fisherman. A fisherman is a very well-known figure to everyone. Generally, he lives in a small village near a river of a sea. Some of them have only, small nets and no boats. This fisherman need not work in groups. Those who fish with big nets and boat work in groups. A fisherman without their own boats and nets are employed by those who have those necessary things. Fishermen work during the day as well as at night. When they go to caught fish at night and the night is dark, cold and stormy, their families are anxious for their safe return. Fishing in the sea is much more difficult than fishing in the river. They cannot listen to weather warning. They fail to return to the shore before the weather turns stormy. Sometimes their boats are driven far away from the shore. Some of these boats may even sink. Most fishermen are poor they live hum hand to mouth. But what they do is of great value to our people. They want to change their fate to lead their life happily.

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