Paragraph on A Farmer


  1. Who is a farmer?
  2. Is he poor or rich?
  3. What does he do every day?
  4. How does he manage his works?
  5. How does the farmer in our country lead their lite?
  6. What does he do if he can produce his crops well?

Answer: In Bangladesh, a farmer leads a very hardship life to survive himself. As our country is an agricultural one, it carries an important knowledge about the farmers. A farmer is a person who owns or manages a farm. He may be rich or poor. But whatever maybe he is to lead a very busy life. He spends his days it works and works either at home or in the fields. If he can manage, he engages day laborers to help him in his works. The life of a farmer in our country is full of uncertainty. Sometimes he passes his time in great joy if he can produce his crops well. Again, he may face hard days if production of food grains fails because of natural calamities. In short, a farmer in our country experiences both pleasure and pain during his lifetime.

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