Email About Thanking Your Friend for Sending A Nice Gift on Your Birthday

Question: Suppose, you are Halim/Halima. Your friend, Tunan/Tuli has sent you a nice gift on your birthday. Now, write an e-mail thanking your friend for sending the gift. Answer: To: Cc: Bcc: Subject: Thanks for sending a nice gift My dear Aman, My birthday passed off yesterday. All of my friends except you were […] Read more

Email to Your Friend Thanking Him for Their Hospitality

Question: Suppose, you’ve gone to your friend’s house recently and stayed there for a few days with them. Your friend’s name is “Raaz’. Now, write an e-mail to your friend thanking him for their hospitality. Answer:  To: Cc : Bcc : Subject: Thanks for your hospitality Dear Raaz, I have reached home safe and […] Read more