Letter to Your Friend Telling Him What Your Intern to Do after the S.S.C Examination

Question: Suppose, you have a friend named Nasim/Nasima. He/she wants to know what you intend to do after the S.S.C examination. Now write a letter to your friend telling him/her “what your intern to do after the S.S.C examination“.



7 January 2013

Dear Nasir,

Your letter of the 5th instant is to hand. You have wanted to know what I want to do after the S.S.C examination is over.

Our examination will come to an end of the 2nd April. I have decided to make proper use of the days till the publication of results. I have thought out a plan to help the mass people of our village to better their conditions. I shall spend the whole period working hand in hand with them. I shall start a night school to teach the 3 R, s to the illiterate adult people. I shall discuss with them about ways and means to make. “Grow more food” campaign a success. Moreover, I shall talk with them about the rules of health and sanitation hoping to hear from you soon. With best wishes

Yours truly,









12 Banani Dhaka

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