Letter to Your Cousin Describing What You Did on A Farewell Party as One of The Guests

Question: Imagine you were in a farewell party as one of the guests. Write a letter to your cousin describing what you did on that day.


15th April 2001
15/C, Elephant Road, Dhaka.

My dear Salam, Receive my best wishes. I hope that you are well. You will be happy to know that I attended a farewell party at my school. You know that our English teacher was transferred to Chittagong Govt. High School. The school took all preparation to bid him farewell. Though I am a student. I was one of the guests at the farewell party. The news of transfer of our English teacher came to me as a bolt from the blue. It was too painful to bear the separation. But we should not forget that man may come and man may go. I had a mixed feeling – the feeling of joy and sorrow. My heart was heavy with sorrow. Again, I was happy that he was transferred to a better school than ours. I addressed a few words. I could not express my emotions and feelings. I was tongue-tied. I wrote a letter of address in his honour. I bought a gift for him. However, his farewell pained me much. I returned home with a heavy heart. Thus, I passed the day.
No more today.

Yours ever,

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