Letter to An English Pen-Friend About the Changes in Young People’s Food Habits in Bangladesh

Question: Write a letter to an English pen-friend about the changes in young people’s food habits in Bangladesh and mention some of the western items that are becoming popular.

15 December 2001
173. Bara Magbazar
Dhaka. Bangladesh

My Dear Robert,
My best wishes to you. Today I am writing you to tell you about the changes in young people’s food habits in my country. The young people are leaving their own food habits and are getting used to fast foods and western food day by day. Today they go to fast food shops and enjoy much by eating fast foods such as pizza. burger. noodles. rolls and soft drinks. Students are also seen crowded in the fast food shops and have a nice pastime with fast foods. In the towns and cities, the educated people both men and women go to fast food shops and take fast food. Most often the young people belonging to rich class go to Chinese hotels and have their dinner. Even many service holders go to fast food shops when they feel hungry. In seminar, symposiums. meeting or any kind of get together fast foods are served. At present this is the present condition of the food habit of young people in my country. No more today,

Thanking you,

Yours ever.

173, Magbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Shakespeare Road. London.

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