Email to Your Friend Telling Him About the Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

Question: Suppose, you have a friend in Paris. He has a keen interest to know about the natural beauty of our country. Now, write an e-mail to him telling him about the natural beauty of Bangladesh.


Subject: About the natural beauty of Bangladesh

My dear Jennifer,
Take my heartiest love. I hope you are keeping well. You have wanted to know about the natural beauty of our country in your last e-mail. Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. It is the blessed child of nature. Numerous trees of different sizes have enhanced the beauty of the country. Fruits and flowers are special gifts here. They have added the beauty to the country offering their varied colors, sweet smell, and charm. The splendid Cox’s Bazar, the tea garden of Sylhet, the series of hills at Chittagong, the Sundarbans. the St. Martins Island etc. are the famous tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

I am really proud of being born in such a beautiful country. You are always welcome to our country. No more today. Give me all about Paris in your next e-mail.

Yours ever,
Dipu Ahmed

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