Email to Your Friend Describing Him About the Picnic You Have Enjoyed Recently

Question: Suppose, you are Firoz. You have a friend named Sumon. You and some of your friends have recently been to a picnic at a place of historical importance. You roamed about the place, had good foods, played games and had a lot of fun. Now, write an e-mail to him describing the picnic you have enjoyed.


Subject: Description of a picnic I enjoyed

Dear Sumon,
How are you? You will be glad to know that we have recently enjoyed a picnic at Maynamoti a place of historical importance. The picnic spot was really nice. We hired a bus to carry’ us. We started at 7 a.m. from our school gate. We took all the necessary foodstuff and utensils with us. Some of us carried cameras and tape-recorders to the picnic. We ourselves cooked our food and served one another. We spent the whole day there. We roamed about the place and spent a few hours in sight-seeing and singing. We also played cricket there for about 30 minutes. The picnic was an enjoyable picnic. It would be more enjoyable if you could accompany us.

This is all for today. Convey my best regards to your parents and love to the youngers.

Yours truly,

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