Email to Your Friend Consoling Him About Lost His Father Recently

Question: Suppose, your friend Shajib, has lost his father recently. He is very shocked at his father’s death. Now write an e-mail to your friend consoling him.


Subject: Expressing my condolence at our father’s death

My dear Shajib
I am extremely shocked to know that your father is no more in this world. The news of your father’s demise came to me just like a bolt from the blue I could not think that he would die such a premature death. He was so healthy and cheerful. The loss of a father or mother is irreparable. I do not know how to console you in such a situation. You know the man is mortal. All of us will have to go from this world this way. I pray to Allah that He might give you the strength and patience to bear this loss. May your father’s soul rest in heaven.

Your loving friend,

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