Email to Your Friend Congratulating Him on His Brilliant Success in The SSC Examination

Question: Suppose, your friend Anwar has made a brilliant result in the SSC examination. The news of his result gave you much pleasure. Now, write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him on his brilliant success.


Subject: Congratulation on your brilliant success in the SSC examination

My dear Anwar,
I hope you are doing fine. I am very happy to learn that you passed the last SSC examination obtaining G.P.A-5. By the time you are also selected for a scholarship from your school for A+ golden. My heartiest congratulations on this brilliant success. My parents are also very happy to know this good news. They have asked to convey you their congratulations and good wishes. In fact, you deserve this result because you studied a lot throughout the year.

I am sure that you will also make such a brilliant result in the next classes. I am pretty well. Wishing good health and spirit.

With best regards to your parents and love to your younger sister,
Mitu. Yours ever Bashir

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