Email to Your Friend About The Description of The Annual Prize Giving Ceremony of Your School

Question: Suppose, your name is Anik/Anika. The annual prize-giving ceremony of your school was held yesterday. Now write an e-mail to your friend Upam/Upama describing it.

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Subject: Description of the annual prize-giving ceremony of my school

Dear Upom,
Take my cordial love. I hope you are keeping well. Recently we have celebrated the annual prize-giving ceremony at my school. It was held on 12 January 2016 in our school compound. The programme started at 8 a.m. On that day our school buildings and the premises were beautifully decorated with colorful banners, festoons, and flowers. There were good sitting arrangements for the chief guest and other guests. The local M.P. was the chief guest. After recitation from the Holy Quran, the national anthem was sung. The chief guest hoisted the national flag, took the salute at the march past and then declared the opening of the sports. There were twenty-two events in all. I participated in two events and won the first prizes. At the end of the occasion, the chief guest delivered an instructive, speech. He thanked all, present in the function. The annual prize-giving ceremony finally ended with a melodious song.

No more today. Let me know about the annual prize-giving ceremony at your school.

Yours ever,



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