Describing the Graph of The Importance and Usage of English

Question: The graph below shows the importance and usage of Describe the chart in 150 words. You should highlight and summarize the information given in the chart.

Importance and Usage of English Graph

Importance and Usage of English

Answer: The graph shows the importance and usage of English. It shows that English is used not only by its native speakers but also by people of the world for many different purposes. In fact, English is a global language. The present age is an age of information technology. In the field of information technology, English is used most widely. The graph shows that 80% of people use English in the field of information technology. Only 33% of people use English as their mother tongue. But many more people use English as a second language. The graph shows that 58% of people use it as a second language. Again, English is used by a significant number of people doing jobs in international organizations. According to the graph 30%, people use English being involved in different international organizations. In addition to the purposes above English is used globally in many other purposes and this is 50% as the graph shows. Therefore, we can say that English is the most important language of the world and it is used for many different purposes.

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