Essay on The Season I Like Most Or, The Spring in Bangladesh

[Hints: Introduction, Why I like it? /Contrast with another session, Its arrival and duration, Its beauty/Main features of spring, Contrast with another season, Conclusion.]

Introduction: The amount of rain, temperature, moisture etc. is not equal all over the year. This difference has resulted in several divisions and each is called a season. In this manner, we have six seasons in Bangladesh, of them I like the Spring most. It is called the king of seasons. It is the best, the loveliest and the most charming of all seasons. Indeed, it is favourite to all.

Why do I like it? / Contrast with another session: Summer is hot and dusty. The rainy season is wet and muddy. Autumn is misty and foggy. The winter is dull and lifeless. But spring is neither hot nor cold. It is loveliest of all seasons. In this season, trees put on new leaves, flowers bloom, and a gentle breeze blow. The cuckoo sings and there is joy everywhere.

Its arrival and duration: The spring comes in the middle of February and lasts in the middle of April. It consists the Bengali month of Falgoon and Chaitra. In our country, the spring comes for a short time.

Its beauty/Main features of spring: With the advent of spring, Nature puts on a gay and lovely appearance. Every object of Nature becomes fresh. Trees put forth new leaves, buds and flowers. It is the season of flowers. Rose, Kamini, Bakul, Rajanigandha etc. are the special attraction of the spring. Different kinds of birds are seen in this season. Bees hum and fly from flower to flower in search of honey. The cuckoo comes out and sings with sweet melody ‘Coo’-`Coo’. All these sceneries captivate.

Contrast with another season: In the cycle of the season, the spring occupies an exalted position. It is rich in colour, beauty, music and fragrance. In the summer all around becomes hot. It makes the water all around the country. During the rainy season rain falls in torrents and the ponds, canals become full of water. People cannot go out from one place to another on foot. It is a very nosey season, The winter is the season of mist, In this season there is fully cold all around the hearts of people all at once. As soon as the spring sets in, a gentle breeze begins to blare from the south. It spreads the sweet smell of flowers and makes the air fragrant. So the spring is famous for its beauty.

Conclusion: Everybody has his own best season. So I have one. It is the prince of season. Its duration is so short that it disappears before we have just begun to realize its charms. This shortness of its duration is, perhaps, one of the reasons why people or I like it best.

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