Essay on Rural Development of Bangladesh Or, Our National Development

Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of villages. There are 68,000 villages in Bangladesh. About 88% of the people of Bangladesh live in these villages. Rural development means the progress of the villages. So, it is clear that development means the progress of the villages. So, it is clear that the development of the country depends upon the development of these villages.

Village in ancient times: There was a time when the villagers were happy and self-supporting. Lands supplied them with paddy, vegetables, pond with fish and cows with milk. They were simple, healthy, peace-loving, religious and hospitable.

Condition at present: The condition of our villages is not at all satisfactory. A village in our country is the source of backwardness.

Problems of the rural areas: At present, the rural people face various kinds of problems. Most of the villagers are illiterate and ignorant. They are in ignorance superstition. In the villages there are no good facilities for education, health, communication and so on. Most of the villagers have no amenities of modern living. Every year a large number of them die of various diseases and from starvation. Villagers cannot sleep at night in their houses because of thieves and robbers.

How to overcome these problems: In order to develop the villages, better facilities for education should be provided, Communication should be developed with constructions of new roads and repair of existing roads and paths. Health complex should be set up for providing treatment facilities to the villagers free of cost. Arrangements should be made for the supply of drinking water. Family planning should be motivated to the rural people.

Government policy: At present will ages are being developed. The present Government could realize that without the welfare of villages, the country cannot be developed. So, it has taken various steps and plans to meet the need of the rural areas.

Conclusion: We hope that rural areas will again produce gold through the progress of the village. So, we should come forward to develop our rural areas.

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