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Essay on Independence Day Celebration at School

[Hints: Introduction; Background; Programmes in educational institutions; How the day was celebrated; Conclusion]

Introduction: Independence day is a red letter day in the history of any nation. Our independence day is the 26th of March. Bangladesh came into being on this day in 1971.

Background: Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan. It was then called East Pakistan. The rulers of Pakistan made East Pakistan, their colony. The Bangladeshis protested against this. As a result on the night of March 25, 1971, the Pakistani army fell upon innocent unarmed Bangladesh his and started killing them. On March 26, our leaders Bangabandhu Sheikh Majibar Rahman declared independence and then the people of Bangladesh took up arms to fight the Pakistani occupation forces. So, March 26 is the Independence day of Bangladesh.

Programmes in educational institutions: The day is observed in a befitting manner in all schools and colleges of the country. The students decorate their institutions beautifully. Different functions are held according to fixed programs. Local elites and guardians of the students are invited. Most of them attend the function gladly.

How the day was celebrated: On March 26 this year we celebrated the independence day in our school in a befitting manner. We decorated the school. At 6 a.m., we hoisted our national flag with the slogans “Bangladesh live long.” Our headmaster gave us a nice talk on the flag hoisting ceremony. Sweets were distributed among the students at 9 a.m. eld The variety show began at 2 p.m. There was a large gathering. The function began with the national anthem. There were some recitations and songs befitting the occasion. Our headmaster gave a very nice talk on the real significance of Independence Day.

In the evening we lighted our schools building with colored bulbs. It seemed as if we had a festival of light. Thus the function came to close. Conclusion: In this way, we celebrated the Independence Day in our school. The day will come ever ear and by the grace of Almighty Allah. We shall celebrate it in a befitting manner.

Conclusion: Technical education is a crying need of the time. Without technical and vocational education our economy cannot be improved. So technical education should be based on general education.