Essay on Crops of Bangladesh Or, The Crops of Bangladesh

Introduction: Most of the people of Bangladesh earn their live hood by farming. Her economy mainly depends on agriculture. Many kinds of crops grow in plenty in her fertile land. So, agriculture is the backbone of the economy of Bangladesh.

Climate and soil: Bangladesh is a tropical country. Her climate and soil are most suitable for the cultivation of several kinds of crops. Most of the crops in Bangladesh grow in plain and fertile lands. A large number of rivers flow over Bangladesh. These rivers carry the silt. This silt makes our land fertile and helps it grows many crops.

Various kinds of agricultural products: Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. About 90% of her population depend wholly or partially on agriculture. The produces various kinds of agricultural products. These productions can chiefly be divided into two classes (i) cash crops and (ii) food crops.

(i) Our cash crops: There are several kinds of cash crops in our agricultural products. By exporting them, we can earn a great amount of foreign exchange every year. They are described in the following.

(a) Jute: Jute grows in Bangladesh in plenty. It is our chief cash-crop. It has a great demand in the world market. It earns a lot of foreign exchange. So it is called the Golden Fibre of Bangladesh.

(b) Tea: Tea plants grow well on the hill. In our country, it mainly grows in Sylhet and Chittagong. It is a cash crop of Bangladesh. She exports tea and earns a lot of foreign exchange every year.

(c) Other: Cotton, silk, and tobacco are also the cash crops of Bangladesh. She earns a large amount of foreign currency from the export of them.

(ii) Our food —crops: There are many kinds of food crops in Bangladesh. Rice, wheat, oilseeds, sugarcane, potato etc. are important food crops of her. They maintain our food habit.

(a) Rice: The chief food crop of Bangladesh is rice. It is our main food. It is mainly of three kinds- Ans, Aman, and Boro. It grows’ in plenty all over Bangladesh. (h) Sugarcane: The soil and climate of Bangladesh are suitable for growing more sugarcane. The districts of Dinajpur, Kushtia, and Rajshahi are the chief sugar-cane areas. Sugar and gur and made of it. They give us carbohydrate. Sugarcane is also cash-crop of Bangladesh.

(c) Wheat: Wheat is our third food-crop. It grows in winter. It is produced in Bangladesh. The soils of Rajshahi, Pabna and some other districts are famous for the cultivation of wheat.

(d) Other: Other valuable food crops are betel-nut, brinjal, onion, radish pumpkin etc. They grow all over Bangladesh.

Conclusion: Many important industries, men and animals depend on our agricultural productions. So, the people and the Government of the country should take proper measures for their increased production.

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