Essay on Bangladesh Forest Resources and USAID

US Aid’s climate change activities in Bangladesh seek to improve energy sector performance through efficient energy and renewable energy use and to improve the management of natural resources such as water and tropical forests. The USAID Mission’s environment program has strengthened the capacity of the Bangladesh government and local non-governmental organizations to carry out these […] Read More

Essay on Energy, Mineral and Power in Bangladesh

In the world in which we live today, nothing gets done without switching on the electricity and that is why it’s called “power”, a term basically used in physics and political science but which is now increasingly used in everyday life to denote the availability or non-availability of electricity. Fuels which run the machines which […] Read More

Essay on Earthquakes in Bangladesh

An earthquake occurs because of the movement of the surface of the Earth and various changes in soil layers. Most earthquakes are so faint that they can be detected with only sensitive instruments. The Earth under our feet trembles, buildings collapses causing deaths and injuries, inducing fires, producing floods from collapsed dams and lands, when […] Read More

Essay on Young Children, TV And Media Violence: Causes and Ways to Control

Psychologists, educators, and other researchers have studied how TV affects young children. Here are some of the main points they emphasize: Young children watch more television than any other age group: Between the ages of 2 and 3, most children begin to acquire the habit of watching television. American children between the ages of 2 […] Read More

Essay on Pahela Baishakh – The First Day of The Bengali New Year

Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the Bengali year is celebrated in a festive manner in both Bangladesh and West Bengal. In Bangladesh, Pahela Baishakh is a national holiday, which falls on April 14 or 15. The festival is celebrated with songs, dances, regional games, kite-flying, ox fighting or reciting of poems with all their […] Read More

Essay on Good Governance in Bangladesh: Attributes and Challenges

Good Governance aims to contribute to the overall development of a country. Since independence, the attainment of good governance has been a far cry. A number of constraints and challenges stand as barriers for establishing good governance. But the political and bureaucratic segments of society can play an effective role. Governance has become a popular, […] Read More