Dialogue Between Yourself and The Interviewer

Question: Suppose you have applied for a post and are facing an interview board. Now write a dialogue between yourself and the interviewer.


Answer: A dialogue between myself and the interviewer:

Myself: Good morning.

Interviewer: Good morning. Please sit down.

Myself: Thank you.

Interviewer: Please tell us your name.

Myself: I’m Mohammad Alim.

Interviewer: Your name gives the impression that you’re a very learned man.

Myself: I wish I were. If only names could be an index of the mind of the people who bear them.

Interviewer: What about your name? Do you think it indicates your personality?

Myself: I can’t answer that question, but I’m sure I can’t make any claim to any great learning or knowledge that my name…

Interviewer (interrupting him): Well, don’t worry about your name. Please tell me what subjects you studied for your B.A.

Myself: history, Economics, and Political science.

Interviewer: I wonder why most of you offer these subjects.

Myself: That’s because most colleges teach only these subjects. They have no facilities to teach certain subjects which most of us would like to study.

Interviewer: Can you name some of these subjects?

Myself: Yes, Sociology, for example. Or psychology. Or still more useful and career-oriented subjects like business management, social work, journalism, international relationship, microbiology.

Interviewer: But do you think you can mention social work and sociology together, in the same breath.

Myself: Oh, I just named them as they come to me, at random. I wasn’t in any way attempting a classified list.

Interviewer: It’s Ok. Thank you.

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