Dialogue Between You and Your Younger Sister About the Importance of Reading A Newspaper

Question: Write a dialogue between you and your younger sister about the importance of reading a newspaper.

Answer: A dialogue between myself and my younger sister Ruby about the importance of reading a newspaper:

Myself: Hello, Ruby, what are you doing?

Ruby: Brother, I am playing Ludu with Boby.

Myself: But now you are a student of class eight. You should develop the habit of riding a daily newspaper regularly.

Ruby: I don’t like to read a newspaper. It seems boring to me.

Myself: No, you are wrong. It is interesting to read a newspaper. You can learn the news of sports and games, dramas, films, business, politics and what not.

Ruby: In almost all pages, I find a lot of advertisements covering the whole newspaper.

Myself: Yes, you are partially right. But you can also collect all types of news, views, and articles from a newspaper. You can enjoy poems, essays from the page of literary supplement.

Ruby: Yes, sometimes I read the page of literature.

Myself: you should be a serious reader of a duty newspaper because of a newspaper.

Myself: Thank you for your understanding.

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