Dialogue Between You and Your Neighbor About the High Prices of Daily Necessaries

Question: Write a dialogue between you and your neighbor about the high prices of daily necessaries.


Myself: Good morning, Mr. Salam.

Salam: Good morning, Mr. Khan.

Myself: How are you?

Salam: Not so good.

Myself: Why? What’s your problem?

Salam: I’m fed up with the market prices of daily necessaries.

Myself: I am also fed up with it. The prices are going up by leaps and bounds. By the by, do you know the price of onion?

Salam: No, I bought one K.G. last week. It cost twenty-six taka.

Myself: It costs fifty takes today.

Salam: My goodness! How can we live?

Myself: The prices are restless. There is none to control it.

Salam: Is this the result of the open market economy?

Myself: I don’t understand the so-called open market economy. I think the government should control the prices for the sake of common people.

Salam: I also agree with you. Now I have to go to the market to buy fish and vegetables. Bye.

Myself: Bye.

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