Dialogue Between You and Your Friend About the Frequent Failure of Bangladesh Cricket Team

Question: Suppose, you are Nafis. You are talking with your friend Sagar about the frequent failure of Bangladesh Cricket Team in the international matches. Now, make a dialogue between you and your friend Sagar on the said topic.

Answer: A dialogue between myself (Nafis) and my friend Sagar on the said topic:

Nafis: Hello Sagar, how are you?

Sagar: I am fine. What about you?

Nafis: I am now busy to enjoy the IPL Cricket Tournament.

Sagar: I also sometimes watch the match. It is so exciting because it is a twenty-twenty match.

Nafis: Did you watch the match between Australia and Pakistan?

Sagar: Yes, I did. It was also a very enjoyable match. But I feel sorry when I think about the performance of Bangladesh cricket team.

Nafis: Yes, you are a night. The performance of Bangladesh cricket team is deteriorating day by day.

Sagar: You’re right. I am also very upset for our cricket team. I don’t understand why they are continuously being defeated.

Nafis: Because, both the bowling and batting sides of Bangladesh cricket team are weak.

Sagra: So far, I think, most of the players of our cricket team are not physically fit. They lack in stamina and energy.

Nafis: You’re right, but they are not mentally strong too. Moreover, they do not have the commitment, dedication, and concentration.

Sagar: Again, they need massive practices through the year.

Nafis: I agree with you. Thank you so much.

Sagar: You are most welcome.

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