Dialogue Between You and Your Ailing/Sick Friend in A Hospital

Question: Write a dialogue between you and your ailing friend in a hospital.

Answer: A dialogue between two friends in the hospital:

Myself: Hello, Asif, how are you feeling now?

Asif: Oh, Maruf, I am yet to recover.

Myself: What is your problem?

Asif: I was suffering from kidney-infection.

Myself: It is really alarming. You must be very careful from now. Which medicine did your physician prescribe for you?

Asif: My doctor has prescribed anti-biotic for me e.g. Fimoxil, Vitamin, and Saline.

Myself: Has he not suggested you take sufficient water?

Asif: Yes, he has advised so. In fact, I am not in the habit of drinking a sufficient quantity of water. My doctor has also suggested me to take vegetables and fruits.

Myself: Then you should be careful about your food habit. You must drink enough pure drinking water.

Asif: How can I get pure drinking water?

Myself: You must drink boiled water. Don’t worry. You will be all right very soon.

Asif: Thank you very much for your good suggestion.

Myself: You are most welcome.

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