Dialogue Between Two Friends on How to Make A Good Result

Question: Suppose, you are Tamim/Tmima and your friend is Farid/Farida. Now, write a dialogue in 100 words between two friends on how to make a good result.

Answer: A dialogue between two friends on how to make a good result:

Farid: Hi Tamimi, how are you?

Myself: I’m fine. And you?

Farid: I’m also fine. But I am somewhat worried about my JSC exam. Would you please tell me the ways of making a good result in the exam?

Myself: Of course. In order to make a good result, you must study attentively and regularly. You must attend the classes regularly and listen to the teachers with close attention.

Farid: Are these all?

Myself: In addition, you have to be industrious to make your lesson regularly. At the same time, you must write what you have learned. Always try to understand your lesson.

Farid: I see, in case of any problem, I must seek the help of the teachers, mustn’t I?

Myself: Of course.

Farid: Ok friend, thank you very much for your important advice.

Myself: You are welcome.

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