Dialogue Between Two Friends About the Importance of Punctuality in Student Life

Question: Suppose you are Lina and your friend are Hena. Now, make a dialogue between you and your all friend about the ‘importance of punctuality in student life.

Answer: A dialogue between Lina and Hena about the importance of punctuality in student life:

Lina: Hello Hena, how are you? Will you not go to college today?

Hena: I am fine. But I won’t go to college today. I will go shopping to the market.

Lina: It’s very bad. You must be very much regular in attending your classes.

Hena: What’s the use of being so serious?

Lina: You should remember that punctuality is very important in a student’s life and it is key to his or

her success in life.

Hena: Do you really believe that punctuality is the key to success?

Lina: Yes, I believe it wholeheartedly and you know I always try to be punctual in my studies. You know I always come out successful in my examinations with credit only for being punctual.

Hens: Yes, you are right. From now, I shall also try to be punctual in my studies. But I need your help.

Lina: Yes, I shall always help you.

Hena: Thank you so much.

Lina: You are always welcome.

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